March 26, 2017

The food components are each important in altering emotions. The components are the reality. It is simple chemistry; yet, understanding the complexity and individuality of each person is distinct. Interestingly enough, identical twins are thought to be identical. However, the souls of these identical twins are different. Each person distinct in genetics is always in personality, hence in experiencing reality and non-reality. In the case of identical twins, genetically, the rearing of the individual is distinct and contributes to the development and separation of identity.   In addition, the cloning creates an identical but the soul is always different. Therefore, I have peaked your interests in understanding my passion for food.

Some may have yearned for a way to depict my or anyone else’s food preferences based on emotional responses to reality and non-realty experiences. However, to clarify the importance of individuality is important to understand that emotions and experiences through reality and non-reality are different and learned to be distinct. Groups may experience similarity but they are still distinct amongst all individuals. Thus, not even identical twins are exactly the same. Thus genetics is real and stimulus and response by emotions are non-real or soul distinct. I do not want to burst the bubble of each reader, however, the concepts are purely fascinating but truly unidentifiable as a general assumption. Again, I propose that chaos and randomness contribute to the mystery of life and not identifying a distinct generality. In fact, again, this clarified the fact that biologically, there is no cure because there is no such thing as living for eternity. Maybe one’s soul will exist in eternity but not live as the same physical body. Interestingly enough, this will mark the beginning to a lesson learned by a chemically unbalanced individual described in a book (Sheila Hamilton, 2015).  The book is about a married couple, the husband was bipolar manic depressed. The husbands chemical imbalance was unknown by the wife and therefore the husband’s life ended tragically (death). The reality for me was that one must maintain sanity through continued reality. The constant drift from reality leads to a handicap.

The ability to control this drift and use this ability to understand the fragility at which life made is truly a trait of diversity and professionalism. Professionalism is in understanding the outside forces at play in life. The understanding of self, reality, Ego, and unconsciousness thinking are controlling oneself and thinking is a guarantee to developing a full life.

Hamilton, S.  (2015).  “All the things we never knew.”  Seal Press.  Berkeley, California.


March 14, 2017

As I ponder what might be interesting to write about, my history echoes in my mind. My Ego is saying, “Food is medicine. What you eat is what you are.” I know Herbs are holistic and relieve symptoms. Food is habitual. Food is a reward, “persuade through chemical change with food.” Food is glorious. Food is magical.

All training is based on treats as a child or maybe as an adult.  “We can learn how to empower with food,” said the husband to his wife, she gasps with excitement, as she opens the box of chocolates. We know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Love is an emotion. Thus, getting the mutual understanding of one another’s chemistry, food and feelings are synonymous with compromise, understanding, and fight for power. Mutually and agreed upon through food or sensory is what we all want to stimulate. I repeat, sensory stimulation heightens actual reality in a perceived non-real action, emotional love, and mutual power. Eating food changes feelings. Sensory is elevated, desire heightens; Or, sadness and anxiety is induced by Food? Therefore food is and excepted Medicinal, for the body. Food alters our actual reality and perceived perception.

I dedicate more than 20 years learning about food: Food properties, processing, safety, and effects on life. Food is social, food is nourishing, food is substance, chemical, and altering. Food is eaten, injected, absorbed, and consumed. Food is basic to life. Without food, we are unable to survive for a long time. The basics of life require food consumption, water, and drink.   Our entertainment is TV; food-shows incorporate everything about food, emotions, and life. The most entertaining are the stories about how food is cooked, baked, fried, steamed, poached, etc. and the comedy comes from the incorporation of family, fun, and life (Pioneer Woman). We just love to see others enjoying life. We crave time spent in front of TV, watching shows about what we are not doing in our own kitchen. We want to experience what we are not doing at that moment; or, we like to watch TV along with preparing and entertaining others and friends. My fascination is with the chemical, emotional understanding, and development from personal experiences and interactions with others in the food world. A fascination with entertainment is my cue to relate with food and good will as many do on social media.

This food expert is geared to understand the importance of food functionality, safety, and nutritional value. I am a scientist that studies details that not many understand or care to understand. Food is accepted and consumed with happiness, or other intentions. But food is complicated. Food is composed of compounds that are in a food to preserve, create functionality, safety or sensation. To many Food is simple and easy to prepare even for the lesser few who care not prepare a meal. Remember, simplicity is actual analysis from perceived sensory. The duality of reality and non-reality thinking are a belief in physical results in actual reality, but created by compounds in food we favor. Perceived emotions are physically stimulated from non-reality sensory like laughter is a non-real emotion discussed in an earlier blog entry in

Today’s discussion will heighten the consumer’s desire for entertainment; my understanding and belief in Food. We will learn together about the duality of life, by consumption of food, demonstrate Food as a vehicle to explore non-reality, our perceived ability to express reality when our safety is our evolutionary development in survival experiences. Food is all about the experiences. Food is life for a Food Scientist who believes in imagination (non-reality) and the reality of the term cure and those dreaded or favored side effects.

The forthcoming blog entries will follow this trend of psychology of Food; chemically induced emotions from sensory by Food. I hope to reveal that Food is our source for happiness or otherwise.


The recognizing of accomplishment relates to focus and reflection: As a child, the mental state once reached, then, is termed boredom (Franklin, 2009, p.104). The facts of life and processes understood are always for teaching to the unknowing person or thinking organism. I briefly described to John Mark that all accomplishment leads to innovation, teaching, religion, and a leader status. My understanding self (Ego) and id opens a new fascination, “The mind” (personal communication, ScientificFisherman41, 2017).

The deep understanding of life and life systems marks my new pinnacle. These topics may be a different interest for each and everyone but the fascination in learning is a shared trait to all humans. Learning is a process we all develop early in life and continue through career, activities, or hobbies. I will always like science as a process. Yet, once the basics are learned in science, the field of study requires altering recognition of sensory and thought to see what oneself cannot see and more importantly what my Ego could not see. In a similar subject, Innovation is based on diversity, opposed ideas and understanding that lead to a combined best alternative so too by altering Ego and point of emotional and thinking process; I have developed another pinnacle to overcome, experience, and living the rest of my life the best I want life to be.

The current book, “What Science Knows,” (Franklin, 2009) is a basis to flow of this blog#47. These ramblings are the basis for recognizing further my thoughts and belief into experiencing life through altered thought, recognition of signals that relate an opposed diverse point of view. Thus my repeated claim to others a few months and maybe last few years, everything seems to follow opposites and contrary to what I think. I believe my feelings are opposite due to sensory and signaling. My ability to recognize choices as I have made in the past are in fact emotionally contradictory to my learned prior thoughts. Truly took me many years to realize my alternative life since the change occurred post-PhD (review “Phase Change”). Quite distinct how change is what a full life is all about now. Experience is everything. Learning new experiences is what make living so interesting.

A concept recognized early in life, not understood until later in life, is the algorithm of the mind (Franklin, 2009). An algorithm is defined as a specific sequence of steps that lead to the same result each and every time given once sequence completed. Over several repeats, a sequence of id (Type one thinking), the algorithm is at first learned experience, especially when trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube. The algorithm is discovered and solved. But for years, before the personal computer and internet were discovered, the secret algorithm was mystifying. I was only able to solve one then two sides. Once my brother’s son looked up the direction to solve via YouTube, the 24 part-algorithm, 6 phases, and 4 steps/phase eliminate my mystery. The Algorithm is always started at the same step, then through sequential movement along the sequence of the algorithm the puzzle is solved. Therefore, the algorithm of the mind is all about defining the rules for sensory and response and figuring out the final outcome, from observing and following similar model systems, my algorithm is a compendium of a series of events.

Yes! This algorithm is the basis for all computer based learning and in fact a premise to many a Software Engineer. Once an Engineer comes to grips with the fact that life is powered by a supreme energy as either the heavens possess or the galactic gravitational forces previously discussed (Review “Phase Change”). Thus the tendency for people to reach a pinnacle and choose the path of Teaching, Religion, or Leadership (all forms of power) and the most desired forces in life. This wise person is in a mature life stage, and Wealth (money) is a reward for accomplishments but the root of all evil. Yet, Love is best, and the most powerful emotion, “can you feel ‘it’.”


Franklin, J. (2009). “What Science Knows: and how it knows it” Encounter Books, 900 Broadway Suite 601, NewYork, New York, 10003.

 As I set here preparing for another day, I try to imagine living differently then I have in my past. My deep-seeded-thoughts bring to reality my drive to succeed. Each person in this world has a Drive system. The Drive to survive is strong for some, while others seem to find pleasure deems their Drive-mechanism. The ever present drive to persist is and evolutionary system to select for preferred traits. Learning to control this drive system can be difficult. Learning and making habit the Ego-drive is important. “I understand,” or my type 2 thinking is especially critical for changing habits. Coming to grips with the fact that all drive systems are based on a chemical response is at first hard to grasp. However, once this mechanism is comprehended, routines and habits can be overcome and modified. The change may only occur easily with chemical or alternatives that assist the positive emotional stimulus and response. I learn my type-two-thinking, or platinum rule behavior, is my drive at present. My “Id” or type one thinking drives my quick response, the first act. By altering my thinking process chemically, I find my thought pattern and favored response allows for the favored thought pattern. This sole-fact is impressive when one understands how to alter life’s path and or trail to a different future. The reality at present is fascinating to see how in the picture of life and responses are best once this full understanding of self and ego are ever changing. My pleasure mechanism is understanding type two thinking, or the ego, also intrinsic value. Understanding reality from an altered state truly is the mastery I have achieved. This fact of duality in life and reality is my drive system. Overcoming anxiety from the fast response and “Id”, a type one thinking, is critical to delineate from a fast life. As a shepherd, the life of the ego and delayed thought pattern drives my reality and preferences in life style and companions.  

Feel attacked? Do you feel like the black people.  You were like Ben.  He is 100% accurate.  No reason to look further into it.  At Starbucks, it is so dumb, and unfortunately, these people are reminder that in that bold beautiful Starbucks image of 100 different people drawn with one stroke, I love the sport shirt, but what the hell is actually happening is, in this world, he is singing that “magical balloons,” for some reason the video, if you want to include the six anniversary edition, the parents tell their children who ate all of their return of Xander cage. It looks so ridiculously stupid. 

“I want in my life.”  Rewind 2016, see my show is back like killing a 10 year anniversary.  I just got information this morning that I’m pretty sure, confirm that, I’m not gonna be completely surprised, but I can’t tell you why people appreciate your listing,  On that list, it was bomb first time, he was a man for years. Your on the grounds that men aren’t exactly bring forward in this world.  No! Weed-man, our truck number was not as pumped, for this includes job despite there being women who were qualified to deal with more by him, I so understand this is purely a marketing problem.  Is titled “Glamour, women of the top line.”  Picture, “Glamour woman of the year awards, 2016.”  Bob Brown, the woman of the year award for best man deserving of this award, well deserved, were largely responsible for the problem in real life.  Easy, go from situation, we say blank in this case, women supporting women, and it’s all pro woman thing that is doing what they are fighting against, which is excluded, marketing family side, it looks like they’re just trying to breeze Ally.  Be a little more crazy today, because he had more seizures.  Leave the black lives matter movement.  Call black lives matter thinking, the rest of America didn’t seem to understand that the black lives matter just sounds weird.  I don’t know, the name on the letter.  Name is not whatever, what ever is: “Somebody got shot by police reason.”  I have a young black Rich.  Is that black, white, or brown, my life man, is no connection whatsoever, there is not a black lives matter issue in America.  Look, his fans were angry.  Some of them were wishing for more on the end.  Why the hell would we give a damn what he really should say.  Black lives matter, I think, the idea that there are famous and rich black people, for example, a president who is half black.  Black lives matter is like a “Thousand-Nine,” by Bob Brown, that song where he sings about Belize, he is actively shooting and killing black man in the world. 

I’m bored, even today, James Franco coming over to Hillary Clintons, their opinion, you shouldn’t need, your opinion, and your stand is as always, was just filled; I love you, see you tomorrow.

Forward Perspective Blog#44

January 8, 2017

The view of our future is expanding. In essence, while I prepare for success, possibilities are increasing. Over time I have become specialized. Business school has pointed out that a specialty is required for success. The true essence of my career is becoming defined. It’s becoming harder to believe that my career is dependent on each and every experience, and each and every mentor or advisor. An awakening for me is: Success depends on location, opportunity, and Life circumstances. I learn the secret of success is not what you accomplish, but how you look at life given. The old phrase, “given Lemons, make lemonade,” is correct. Pointed out, in the beginning of this blog series, time is constant, if you make mistakes, stop, change, and move forward, as each can. You cannot go back in time, but you sure can move forward with a positive attitude. Nobody likes to hear criticism, so I will not continue. I just want to bring to your attention, looking forward in life, and career advancement for me, at the present moment, is slow at times, yet fast at other times. My aspirations in career are motivated by intrinsic drive systems, yet the extrinsic value of sacrifices made early in life are important compensation for learning through challenge and barriers. I realize that is not reality because the past is only indicative of future, yet, I do not want to repeat the past, I value the lessons and do not want the pain of sacrifice, yet we understand that life is a saw-tooth path, ups and downs continuously. Therefore, “Moving Forward”, my choice for relaying my present positive emotion, is how I will begin this blog#44.

Today’s inspiration is the book, “Made to Stick.” (Heath and Heath, 2008). The scientific project that is geared to stick is antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Relaying my learned experiences is the start for a difficult past in this field of study. Understanding the non-reality of discovery presents the actual claim of a perceived understanding of non-visual and recognized the theoretical approach to characterizing chaotic life systems that are modeled to demonstrate the diversity and assist in selection and survival (Evolution). I believe understanding what we cannot see is difficult for many. Someone who is blind has adapted senses to replace sight. Probably for the hearing impaired, the concept of using Siri or Window Speak recognition has created a method to believe. Recognizing that reality and non-reality are forces of duality that we all recognize as common features in a physical world. My believing in forces that are imaginary. Concepts that are not real are key to the thrust of future. If one is incapable of believing in non-reality, they will remain in a monochromatic and routine world, no color. The unknown is the future innovation; duality is the ability to see into the future of science and the world as we are getting to understand. This type two thinking is best to understand and bring about change. Evolution is change, change to fit the environment.

Our purpose is dependent on grasping this concept of “Reality and Non-reality,” come to grips with believing that imagination, our perceived ability to recognize actual data and translate the differences in relaying chaos. The theoretical is a valued trait for the modern day scientist that has reached out from a “Me Too” generation. A scientist who thinks in system one and system two can look deeply and imagine the impossible.

Grammar Puzzle

November 6, 2016


English puzzle: Find the logic from this chaos, edit through punctuation, order, and sentence structure. Reveal a real story from my friend Siri. “Practice makes perfect”: Cut and paste from blog into word processor or note pad txt editor. Solve the “Chaos-Mystery” from conversation at 1:18 am Saturday night. Become native American human, create order. Go for “it.”

To ScientificFishermans41’s Solved txt puzzle: Solved in near future and displayed in next blog.

(Copy below paragraph.)


Feel attacked and you feel like the people you were like Ben is 100% accurate no reason to look further into it at Starbucks so dumb and unfortunately these people are reminder that in that bed beautiful Starbucks image of 100 different people drawn with one stroke I love the sport shirt with the hell is actually happening in this world singing that magical balloons for some reason the video if you want to include the six anniversary edition of the parents to tell their children ate all of their return of Xander cage and it looks so ridiculously stupid I want in my life rewind 2016 and see my show is back like killing a 10 year anniversary I just got information this morning that I’m pretty sure confirm that I’m not gonna be completely not surprised but I can’t tell you why people appreciate your listing on that list was bomb first time he was also on a man for years are with your on the grounds that men aren’t exactly bring forward in this world no weed man in our truck number was not as pumped for this include job despite there being women were qualified to deal with more by him I had so understand this is purely a marketing problem is titled glamour women of the top line picture glamour woman of the year awards 2016 Bob Brown the woman of the year of the year award for best man deserving of this award well deserved were largely responsible for the problem in real life easy to go from situation we say blank in this case women women women supporting women and it’s all pro woman thing that is doing what they are fighting against which is excluded and marketing family side it looks like they’re just trying to breeze and Ally and be a little more crazy today was because he had more seizures leave the black lives matter movement call black lives matter thinking that the rest of America didn’t seem to understand that the black lives matter just sounds weird I don’t know the name on the letter name is not whatever whatever is somebody got shot by police reason I have a young black Rich if that black white brown my life man no connection whatsoever that there is not a black lives matter issue in America because look at his fans were angry some of them were wishing for more on the end out why the hell would we give a damn what he really should say black lives matter I think that the idea that because there are famous and rich black people in a president is half black Black lives matter thousand nine that song where he sings about Belize actively shooting and killing black man in the world i’m bored even today James Franco coming over Hillary Clinton their opinion you shouldn’t need your opinion and your stand is as always just been filled and I love you see you tomorrow.

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